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15 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Ngoc Nga says:

    Très large choix ! Je n’ai jamais vu d’aussi beaux cupcakes ! Dommage qu’on ne peut pas commander à partir de Bruxelles !

  2. sylvie says:

    Merci Chi Ngoc….C’est dommage que tu n’es pas ici pour faire une degustation :)

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  10. SarahWinters says:

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  11. _GirlLikeMe_ says:

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  12. Ally says:

    Cool blog with lots of beautiful pictures! All I can think right now is GOTTA CUPCAKES!!! Looking forward to more yummmie posts :)

  13. Zachy just saw a picture of the cupcakes you made him for his birthday last year in the gallery – He was so excited!! Also – he saw the Cookie Monster decoration you made for some different cupcakes and he couldn’t wait to show me – Thought they were way too cute!

  14. sylvie says:

    hahaha :) Yes, it’s fun to see your cupcakes posted! Thanks Christi.

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