We offer 4″ and 6″cakes.

Whether it is to complement your cupcakes wedding tower as a cake topper, used as smash cake for a First Birthday celebration, or a special occasion, we are here to help you make the perfect cake for your special event.

Please keep in mind, our weekends are quickly booked, and sometimes we may not fulfill your order. It is best to call and place your order 6 to 8 weeks in advance to finalize all the details. We always strive for the best experience we can provide you, and sometimes a rush order may not be ideal for both parties from being under pressure! However, we will try our best to accommodate your order given there is enough time! Sometimes, we regretfully cannot fulfill everyone’s order as we are a ONE person band! Thank you for your understanding. Ordering early is crucial as we can only fulfill only a few order for cakes each weekend, along with out cupcakes orders!

Cakes include cake flavor choices of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet.

All cakes come with classic vanilla buttercream filling and white vanilla buttercream icing. Any other filling or colored icing will have an additional charge.

All cakes come with the classic vanilla buttercream icing. As of right now, we are not working with fondant as cakes are not our specialty. If you prefer fondant covered cakes and have your designs made out of fondant, and need more intricate cakes, we will not be able to accommodate your order. Thank you for your understanding.

-4″ round cake (4-6 servings), usually ordered for smash cake, vanilla cake with classic vanilla buttercream filling and white buttercream icing. Starts at $30. This cake only comes with vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream filling and vanilla icing, as it is simply mostly used for First Birthday event or to blow out the candle fun cake! You may however have a colored icing for an additional charge.

-6″ round cake (10-12 servings), for round cupcakes tower. Starts at $47. 

Additional cost for the following:

Cake flavors: Add $10

***These flavors do not apply to the 4″ round cake.***

  • chocolate cake
  • marble cake
  • red velvet cake

Filling flavors:  Add $10

***These flavors do not apply to the 4″ round cake.***

  • raspberry mousse
  • hazelnut mousse
  • chocolate mousse
  • cream cheese 
  • fresh strawberries (add $15)

Colored icing: Add $3

  • All cakes come with vanilla buttercream icing.
  • We try our best to match the colors of your event.

Sugar paste decorations: ask for quote

  • Edible decorations can be custom made to match your cupcakes and event. Just give us enough time to prepare them. Any cakes with decorations request need to be ordered 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Just give us a call, and see if we can squeeze a last minute order for you. It’s worth the try :) . It is hard to put a price on custom made edible decorations as it varies on the complexity of designs, time and labor put forth doing them. The best way is to email us at kupcakespot@gmail.com to determine whether or not we can fulfill your order.

Call us or email us for a price quote and we will try to give you an estimate.

*********Prices subject to change without notice*********



























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