After 10 amazing years of baking, we are closing!

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When I started this cupcakes business, I thought it would be only a 6 months gig, just for fun. 10 years later, this business has flourish into loyal customers. 

My family has endured endless late hours of baking. We have moved 3 times during the success of my business. I met awesome clients whom are now friends. My boys have grown up throughout the year, and it was an awesome time of our lives being able to add this hobby to my part time job.

Now it is time to hang the apron, and put away the whisk. Our boys are at a different stage in their lives, and so are we. We are moving to Los Angeles to create new memories and re-connect as a couple. 

I am so grateful from all the support clients have given me throughout the years. I couldn’t keep track of all the cupcakes I have baked and decorated, but I just know I need glasses today, which I didn’t them then!

Thanks again for the awesome opportunity to serve you for the past 10 years. I will be closing this book of my life, and moving on to new beginnings. Cheers!

With love,



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