Exploring dessert options making your wedding more unique & memorable

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Taking your wedding dessert a step further with pies
Exploring dessert options that could make your wedding more unique and memorable

Between planning decorations and creating guest lists and seat plans, arranging and reserving venues and DJs, and picking out flowers and dresses, the menu of the reception goes largely unnoticed. Many people will go to a tasting for entrees, work on a design for a wedding cake, pick out the silverware, but desserts are all but left in the back burner.
While Kupcakespot loves seeing a wedding with themed cupcakes and a matching wedding cake, there is also another dessert that can help you give a nice, unique twist to your wedding: pies! Everybody loves a nice, fresh serving of apple pie, or a heaping slice of a sweet, cream-filled pie. The best part about this is that there are also many different ways to serve a pie at your wedding:
1. One pie per table
This is where you can see just how well you arranged your seat plan. You could arrange for one full-sized pie that could serve six-to-twelve people to be placed on each table, so guests can serve themselves instead of waiting to be served dessert. The pies could be cut into individual slices already, or you could leave the guests to divide the pie amongst themselves.
2. Mini Pies
Mini pies function pretty much the same way cupcakes do. You could serve one per guest, decorated with something related to the theme of your wedding. You could even serve whoopie pies instead of a fruit pie.
3. Pie Bites
Taking the idea of mini pies a step further, pie bites are little bits of pie that are bite-size, making them easier to consume, and much lighter on the belly! Serving them up with different flavors will give your guests the chance to indulge on the flavor they like the most, in amounts they prefer.
When serving pies at your wedding, it’s also important to look at the kind of wine you’re serving with your pies. Serving coffee (or milk for the kiddies) would be a great way to start, but for those looking to keep the elegance of wine throughout the reception and well into dessert, the correct choice of wine is essential.
As a general rule, the color of the wine grows darker as the colour of the dessert grows darker. Looking at the filling of your pies is essential in determining what wine to serve! If you have a custard, cream-filled pie, then it’s best to go with a white wine like Riesling, or sparkling wines like demi-sec champagne, and Asti Spumanti. Fruits and other spicy fillings call for Gewirtztraminer or Sauternes, or a pink champagne. Caramels and chocolates go best with red wine like Pinot Noir, Grenache or Australian Shiraz, or maybe grappa or port.
These are often overlooked when planning the perfect wedding, but we guarantee that adding just that extra bit of detail to your plans will make your wedding much more unique and memorable than you could ever imagine.

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