Kaden turns 2!

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My first Yo-Gabba-Gabba cupcakes order.

My boys are all grown up and the last time they watch the PBS channel was with the Teletubbies and Wiggle Wiggle Australian band! So can you tell it’s been a while?! I obviously do not follow up with the little kids shows nowdays! My boys watched many other shows today, and I may say, it sometimes very hard to keep track of that!

Good thing, I have this cupcakes business to keep me up to date to the latest TV shows for kids! I have learned so many new musical groups, new TV shows for kids, and the Yo-Gabba-Gabba is no exception for sure! :)

Got this message from a customer who has been following me on my Facebook page. I am glad my photos and my posts are showing on other people’s wall. This Facebook era is definitely changing every day as far as designs, what can we do, and what can’t we not do! So I am glad some of my posts are actually reaching out with some of the audience out there!

When she messaged me with the Yo-Gabba-Gabba cupcakes theme, I was very excited to take the order.

It’s always a pleasure to meet and have new clients in my repertoire.

This order was for her son Kaden Second Birthday celebration. Nancy mentioned to me that had a huge party for this very First Birthday party, and they definitely wanted to keep it low this time around! After a few emails exchange and phone calls, we settled on the flavors and a 6″ round cake for the birthday boy.

I suggested her my promo package with the birthday banner and 3 tiers cupcakes tower rental. You may save some $$ if you choose that package! I am always out there to try to save money for my clients! I am a small business and a mom as much. :) I understand where people come from. :)

Anyway, thank you so much for ordering with me Nancy and hope you had a great party!

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