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Wedding of Lilly+Tony


Teal+Gold+White= gorgeous wedding by the Queen Mary at the Hotel Maya!

Lilly and Tony were another beautiful couple who booked with me for their wedding a few weekends ago.

The simplicity of the cake designs with the arrows to match the invite was splendid.

Thanks so much for letting me be part of your special day. Wish you both  a lifetime of memories.



Secret Garden Birthday party


When Melita emailed me and said she wanted to do a garden theme birthday celebration for her daughter, I was immediately excited about it. Colors were to be tangerine, pinks, peaches, and yellows. Just very fresh, and girly. Flowers would include anemones. I suggested a few designs for her birthday theme, and we settled on edible anemones, ruffles, and  roses. Melita chose pink lemonade for the cupcake flavor, a perfect match for a garden party.

Here are a few pictures I took prior to Melita picking up the cupcakes.

Also, Mimi Nguyen, Photographer, was able to capture professional pictures during the event as well. Such a beautiful display of desserts. Be sure to check out Mimi Nguyen website for any future events.

Pictures courtesy of

Thanks Melita for the order.




Anniversary cake


Congrats to Tracey and Cameron for a beautiful three years of success, love and passion!

Have fun in South Africa and see you soon!

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After a long summer moving into our new home, we finally are all settled in just about. We had a huge mishap when we first moved in. We had a  flood throughout the bottom floor of our brand new home :(

It was such a sad time, knowing this was a brand new home, with brand new 2 weeks hardwood floors. We had to deal with insurance claims, builder’s responsibility, and storage issues. We are glad it is all behind us and we can now move forward and make new memories in this new home. I appreciate all your patience and loyalty throughout this summer. It has been a blessing to have such supportive and patient clients.

Thanks for all the love and emails. I am now back on track somewhat and can dedicate to taking new orders for this upcoming Fall.



Wedding of Rebecca+Andrew 07.12.14


Congrats to both of you!

Just a gorgeous backyard setting in the heart of Tustin!

The decent to deliver the cupcakes was a bit challenging, which I forgot to take a picture, but I made it safe!

Colors are teal+red!

While the bride and groom were having their ceremony at the beach, I delivered and set up the cupcakes and cake.

Bride and groom come from DC, so it was a one time meeting with them. The rest was via email. A small intimate wedding, yet all the components and details were present.

Thanks Rebecca and Andrew. Hope you had a great evening with family and friends. Congrats!


Wedding of Samantha+Henry 07.12.14


Congrats to Samantha + Henry!

Met Samantha back a few months ago. Turned out to be the future daughter-in-law of Leni, Austin’s school Secretary! Definitely a small world for sure!

Samantha was the sweetest bride, easy going, just sailing along with the flow. The wedding was to take place  in the home of the groom’s parents, in Tustin. Just simply simple, yet classy and beautiful!

I delivered the cupcakes and cake to them yesterday afternoon, and Samantha comes out beautiful, and ask if I needed some help! And that’s how down to earth she is! Of course, I told her to sit back and relax! I am good! :)

Set up the cupcakes and cake, ans took a few pictures of the couple, Leni and her new daughter-in-law, and Samantha with her sister.

Thank you Samantha and Henry for the great opportunity to cater cupcakes for your special day! Wishing you the best!

With love,




Coral Ombre Wedding Cake


Well, what do you think?

This wedding color scheme was coral and navy.

It is summer and these colors are very appealing to me.

Sarah, the bride wanted simple and elegant. She saw this ombre cake online wanted me to try to replica it for her. Originally, I told her I don’t offer two tiers cake anymore. But after a few emails, I decided to challenge myself and try at it once more. I haven’t done these for a while, and it was definitely a challenge I was willing to take on. I loved the ombre style. The flower you see, was not on the cake yet, so that is why it looks a bit bigger since I was holding it.

I am hoping to get some pictures from the bride so I can post them on my blog. I did not get a chance to go set up the wedding. It is a big savings for couples if you have a family member who is willing to come and pick up the sweets for the big day for them. :)

So here are a few pictures I took before they were gone!

Thanks Sarah for the order. Wishing both of you a lifetime of happiness together.


Wedding with Succulents


#ediblesucculents that is!

I actually impressed myself this time around with these truly look alike succulents!

Was totally inspired by them along with details and colors when I went to a nursery full of succulents.

The bride wanted one large succulent  on the cake. And yes, it is all edible!

Thanks Erin for the order.


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