Little Mermaid cupcakes for Sweet Moira


I have baked cupcakes for sweet Moira since she celebrated her baptism.

Her parents Doris and Emmanuel are the sweetest parents. Moira has also a younger brother. Doris, always makes sure to book me in advance so she is sure to get me as I get booked so quickly.

This year, Moira is turning 4, and what is better than celebrating her birthday at Disneyland. Mom ordered some Little Mermaid theme cupcakes. I made Flounder and the mermaid tail to match her theme.



Secret Garden Birthday party


When Melita emailed me and said she wanted to do a garden theme birthday celebration for her daughter, I was immediately excited about it. Colors were to be tangerine, pinks, peaches, and yellows. Just very fresh, and girly. Flowers would include anemones. I suggested a few designs for her birthday theme, and we settled on edible anemones, ruffles, and  roses. Melita chose pink lemonade for the cupcake flavor, a perfect match for a garden party.

Here are a few pictures I took prior to Melita picking up the cupcakes.

Also, Mimi Nguyen, Photographer, was able to capture professional pictures during the event as well. Such a beautiful display of desserts. Be sure to check out Mimi Nguyen website for any future events.

Pictures courtesy of

Thanks Melita for the order.




Wedding of Tami&Jarrod


Oh my…where do I begin?

Such a beautiful couple all the way around! First time I met Tami and Jarrod was in July over this past summer. They came with their nephews to taste some cupcakes for their wedding in December. Tami was mainly the person in charge, but Jarrod was approving of all the decision she made. I definitely felt the respect, love, and strong bond both of them had. At first sight, Tami was very easy going and relaxed about her whole wedding planning. As soon as she told me she was doing a peacock theme wedding, I right away had a vision for her cupcakes.

After numerous emails for colors, style, and decorations, we settled on beautiful deep teal, dark royal purple for the dendrobium edible orchids, gold and fuschia accents. Tami and Jarrod were the first one who rented the square wooden white cupcakes tower. It was a hit for sure.

Her vision….”Feel up the tower!”, she tells me! With that said, I knew exactly what to do. I felt like Tami and I had a connection as far as planning this wedding. I had her vision. I knew exactly what she had in mind. We were definitely on the same page.

Furthermore, Tami and Jarrod wanted a cake topper. I suggested I would search online to see if I can find some peacocks theme toppers. I ran across this awesome link on Etsy, and forwarded the idea of the cake topper to Tami, and told her I would take care of all details with that vendor for shipping, etc.

Ordered the cake topper from the Etsy vendor. An easy transaction. Although, I thought the cake topper was edible at first, it was definitely not edible. Confirmed it was okay with Tami, and went ahead and ordered it.

The cake topper is made out of baked clay, and very light. It was the perfect addition to the cake to complement the rest of the cupcakes. Thanks Krishna for such beautiful work, you are truly talented.

You can find Krishna on and Krishna is darling to work with and very prompt and detailed.

The weeks leading to the wedding of Tami and Jarrod, I must say I was building up my anxiety from wanting to show her all the decorations I started to make for the cupcakes. I would text her a glimpse here and there of the decorations, but never the whole decorations, just a tease of it! It was very fun!

The wedding reception took place at Mon Amour, in Anaheim, a beautiful gem in the middle on Anaheim. Located in a small plaza, you would never guess this beautiful venue is there. They have state of the art lighting and have a vast reception hall, along with a cocktail bar and snack area lounge for your guests to enjoy before the reception.

I suppose I can go on with all the details leading to the big day for Tami and Jarrod, but here are some pictures I snap during the set up of the cupcakes tower and the dessert table.

May I also add the French macarons were catered by the ever talented Kim from Be sure to visit her blog where she gives you the latest recipes after thorough testing!


CONGRATULATIONS TAMI&JARROD. Thank you for allowing me to cater sweet desserts for your special day. It was truly an honor to meet you and be part of your wedding day.


Perks of being a baker!

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Cassis macarons…oops all gone! Yummy in my tummy!

What is cassis? It is blackcurrant. It is between a blackberry and a blueberry. iIt is grown in shrubs like most berries. The fruit itself is a very dark purple, almost black. with a glossy skin, unlike the blueberry who has a more matted skin.Commonly found in Europe and Asia in fruit tarts, cocktails with Creme de cassis. Many different Creme de Cassis liquor brands may be found at Cost Plus.




One bite!


Second bite!


All gone, but crumbs!


French Macarons for Easter holiday!

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These little delicious sweets are the latest trend next to cupcakes!

We have them during special times and holidays!

And Easter is the perfect time to have them for Easter Sunday Brunch with family and friends.

Some lucky customers ordered them for themselves and their family.

Happy Easter everyone!