Last wedding for 2014!


Just a quick post before I log off completely for the rest of the year! It is all fun from this point forward!

A last wedding to cater for Vi and her fiance. Congrats to both of you. Wishing you a lifetime of memories together.

Enjoy your day Vi!


Happy Holidays from Kupcakespot-2014

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Another year is almost over and I am truly blessed with all the business my clients have given me.

It has been a very eventful year to say the least. For starter, we have been very blessed to move out of our little temporary apartment, and settled in a home in Irvine. The home market was a rough one and it was by far a rocking road to find our next home. Upon moving in, for those who followed me on Facebook, I am sure you have seen some of our disaster photos with a flood in our new home bottom floor. A brand new hardwood floor of just 2 weeks was flooded from our downstairs bathroom. Having to deal with all the paperwork, contractors, and orders over the summer was a brutal experience. we survived yet another storm who brought our family stronger. There were definitely times when we were on each other throat but we are still a happy bunch!

Our yard has been another rollercoaster as well, but just was completed this past week before this storm hit us. We are still putting the finishing touch to our yard with furniture, and all but it is coming together. Our Christmas is up and adorning our beautiful new home.

I also would like to say thank you to my husband who always stands by me. He is my anchor. I love you more honey and thank you for putting up with my gray color obsession!

Having said all this, I appreciate all the patience and loyalty everyone has given me and my business.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Much love,




Halloween 2014


Another Halloween has passed and it was a busy 2 weeks of prepping for baking. Thank you everyone! I appreciate all your business and support. Cheers!


Halloween meets Medieval, meets wedding!


Amazing hustled wedding. Bride wanted Halloween theme wedding, groom was into Medieval theme, and what do we get?

An amazing production of pumpkins, skeletons, spider webs, goblets, bread plates, gold jewels, masquerade masks, and an array of decor.

Jaydee, the bride’s friend called me just about 2 weeks prior to the wedding and requested a price quote. We immediately connected and she booked me on the spot practically. As you are well aware, there isn’t much time for cupcakes decorations when it is 2 weeks prior to wedding. We finalized on the designs which included eyeballs, vampire teeth, skulls.

The bride and groom were ecstatic with the designs and so the day came! It was just a whirlwind from the day they booked with me to the day of the wedding. May I mention the cake topper was out of this world. I do not need to add anymore caption as the pictures will tell its own story. Amazing and unusual cake topper from the couple, and the cake topper turned out oh my! What can I say…crazy amazing! Dripping look alike blood was with raspberry puree! Genius idea, and made the cake even more real!

Bride and groom were so excited to see the cake and the cupcakes. I am so glad to have been part of this costume wedding event.

Thanks so much Jaydee for all the trust.

Cheers! Wishing the happy couple endless years of happiness.


Preferred vendors list




After a long summer moving into our new home, we finally are all settled in just about. We had a huge mishap when we first moved in. We had a  flood throughout the bottom floor of our brand new home :(

It was such a sad time, knowing this was a brand new home, with brand new 2 weeks hardwood floors. We had to deal with insurance claims, builder’s responsibility, and storage issues. We are glad it is all behind us and we can now move forward and make new memories in this new home. I appreciate all your patience and loyalty throughout this summer. It has been a blessing to have such supportive and patient clients.

Thanks for all the love and emails. I am now back on track somewhat and can dedicate to taking new orders for this upcoming Fall.



June-July-August orders update!


Booked for April!


Casino night birthday party cake


Chocolate poker chips

I had this casino cake request from a client. So excited to make it. Added some edible images cards, dice, poker chips.

There was a small disappointment from the client for the dice not being as red as she would like them to be. I was definitely taken by surprise with her disappointment for sure.

I always thrive with the best final satisfaction products when I deliver the final goods to my clients. Nevertheless, I refunded part of the money. This is to show that your eyes may be different from other people eyes. It is part of the business, you cannot satisfy all clients. Clients will have different perception of the colors, designs, and taste.

I will not go into details about my conversation with the client as this blog is only for most part to show pictures of my latest work. I appreciate all the support from the last 3 years.

Thank you Grace for the orders of both cakes. I apologize Kupcakespot did not fit in your expectations.





Happy Holidays!

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