Spring is here!


March came and is about to be done! Where has the time gone? I have been busy trying to keep this household under control with a SR in high school and a college guy ready to transfer. Life has been interesting the last few months. Orders have been steady if not more than I would like to take on for now. I do appreciate all the support and patience all my clients have given me. Thanks again for all the love. Here are a few pictures since January. Enjoy and until next time friends!



Happy New Year 2018!


t is pretty much the end of January, and it is 2018! Wow! Another year with all my loyal clients.

I feel blessed to be able to continue this baking hobby of mine with the support of my husband and my boys.

Talking about my boys, they are all growing up so fast. My second son is a Senior in high school this year and I cannot believe how time flew by during the four years of high school! My older son is attending Junior College to save us some money and is planning to transfer to Cal State Fullerton in the near future. I am proud of both their accomplishments.

In the meantime, baking is steadily happening, and the oven is firing up with some orders coming my way.

Here are a few pictures you may enjoy. Again, thank you so much for supporting small businesses. Cheers to a successful 2018!


Black belt cupcakes


These were very cool to make for a last minute order for a little boy passing his black belt.

Thanks Helen for the order. Hope your son enjoyed the cupcakes with his friends.



Exploring dessert options making your wedding more unique & memorable

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Taking your wedding dessert a step further with pies
Exploring dessert options that could make your wedding more unique and memorable

Between planning decorations and creating guest lists and seat plans, arranging and reserving venues and DJs, and picking out flowers and dresses, the menu of the reception goes largely unnoticed. Many people will go to a tasting for entrees, work on a design for a wedding cake, pick out the silverware, but desserts are all but left in the back burner.
While Kupcakespot loves seeing a wedding with themed cupcakes and a matching wedding cake, there is also another dessert that can help you give a nice, unique twist to your wedding: pies! Everybody loves a nice, fresh serving of apple pie, or a heaping slice of a sweet, cream-filled pie. The best part about this is that there are also many different ways to serve a pie at your wedding:
1. One pie per table
This is where you can see just how well you arranged your seat plan. You could arrange for one full-sized pie that could serve six-to-twelve people to be placed on each table, so guests can serve themselves instead of waiting to be served dessert. The pies could be cut into individual slices already, or you could leave the guests to divide the pie amongst themselves.
2. Mini Pies
Mini pies function pretty much the same way cupcakes do. You could serve one per guest, decorated with something related to the theme of your wedding. You could even serve whoopie pies instead of a fruit pie.
3. Pie Bites
Taking the idea of mini pies a step further, pie bites are little bits of pie that are bite-size, making them easier to consume, and much lighter on the belly! Serving them up with different flavors will give your guests the chance to indulge on the flavor they like the most, in amounts they prefer.
When serving pies at your wedding, it’s also important to look at the kind of wine you’re serving with your pies. Serving coffee (or milk for the kiddies) would be a great way to start, but for those looking to keep the elegance of wine throughout the reception and well into dessert, the correct choice of wine is essential.
As a general rule, the color of the wine grows darker as the colour of the dessert grows darker. Looking at the filling of your pies is essential in determining what wine to serve! If you have a custard, cream-filled pie, then it’s best to go with a white wine like Riesling, or sparkling wines like demi-sec champagne, and Asti Spumanti. Fruits and other spicy fillings call for Gewirtztraminer or Sauternes, or a pink champagne. Caramels and chocolates go best with red wine like Pinot Noir, Grenache or Australian Shiraz, or maybe grappa or port.
These are often overlooked when planning the perfect wedding, but we guarantee that adding just that extra bit of detail to your plans will make your wedding much more unique and memorable than you could ever imagine.


September orders are closed!

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Orders closed…Orders closed…Orders closed…

All orders are closed for September.

Thank you for your support and love!

Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…



Shower/#Alice in Wonderland


Thank you for all your patience since the Christmas holidays. I’ve been very busy with my mom coming to visit from France, and the different gatherings during the holidays season.

I am back in business and it’s been very busy the last few weeks with a few bridal consultations, along with orders!

Here are a picture of some sweets I made over the weekend for bridal shower, Alice in Wonderland birthday theme, and a little girl baptism!

Thank you for all the orders.

As a reminder, I am booked for January and February. I get booked very quick these days, and I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support you are giving me. My cupcakes business is soaring to a whole new path, and I would have never guessed it would have last this long.

Next month, will actually my three year anniversary…wow! Thanks again! Love you all.


These were for a #bridalshower. Thanks Sarah for the order.

The purple colors were gorgeous along with the silver pearls!

It’s been a while I haven’t done some #Aliceinwonderlandcupcakes. Loved how I made these with the date and time of the matching birth date and time.

S’mores cupcakes drizzled with chocolate on top of marshmallow frosting brulee with a torch!


Studded heels…the lastest in fashion! How about some on your cupcakes!

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Yes! Dreaming of a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, well here we are! Some studded ones!

Hehehe, these cupcakes were for a bridal shower!

The heels started to be simple, then I added one stud here and there, the next thing you know….had a heel full of studs! Funny how I get inspired at midnight!



2012 Best Cupcakes nominee in OC!

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We are on the nominee list again this year. Please vote for us. We were #4 last year. I am hoping to be in the top 3 this year! Thanks for all  your votes.
Good luck to all the bakeries! :)

Find us on the HOTLIST




Seashells and pearls for a mermaid birthday party!

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Look at these seashells and pearls I made for this little girl birthday party! I loved how I totally embellished the shells with pearls.

When I start to do a design, I start simple, then I come up with more ideas as I sculpt the sugar paste, and add  more details here and there to finish a super cute product for my clients.

I have to admit that sometimes, I am not totally inspired by the designs, which is a rare case, but it happens! But then, I always somehow come around with a final finish products. :)

Teal is of course one of my favorite colors of all time. It seems to match just about anything other colors of the rainbow! It’s like white and black!

Got an email from my customer with some pictures. Thank you!


Kaden turns 2!

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My first Yo-Gabba-Gabba cupcakes order.

My boys are all grown up and the last time they watch the PBS channel was with the Teletubbies and Wiggle Wiggle Australian band! So can you tell it’s been a while?! I obviously do not follow up with the little kids shows nowdays! My boys watched many other shows today, and I may say, it sometimes very hard to keep track of that!

Good thing, I have this cupcakes business to keep me up to date to the latest TV shows for kids! I have learned so many new musical groups, new TV shows for kids, and the Yo-Gabba-Gabba is no exception for sure! :)

Got this message from a customer who has been following me on my Facebook page. I am glad my photos and my posts are showing on other people’s wall. This Facebook era is definitely changing every day as far as designs, what can we do, and what can’t we not do! So I am glad some of my posts are actually reaching out with some of the audience out there!

When she messaged me with the Yo-Gabba-Gabba cupcakes theme, I was very excited to take the order.

It’s always a pleasure to meet and have new clients in my repertoire.

This order was for her son Kaden Second Birthday celebration. Nancy mentioned to me that had a huge party for this very First Birthday party, and they definitely wanted to keep it low this time around! After a few emails exchange and phone calls, we settled on the flavors and a 6″ round cake for the birthday boy.

I suggested her my promo package with the birthday banner and 3 tiers cupcakes tower rental. You may save some $$ if you choose that package! I am always out there to try to save money for my clients! I am a small business and a mom as much. :) I understand where people come from. :)

Anyway, thank you so much for ordering with me Nancy and hope you had a great party!